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Establishing a Chapter on Campus

How should I integrate SkillsUSA on Campus. Where do I start, and what do I do?

These areas of the national SkillsUSA Web site that will be of great help for you to establish a chapter on your campus.

Look at each area, then print from your printer and put into your notebook for reference.


Benefits of SkillsUSA
This is all you need to know to convince administration, teachers and especially students why SkillsUSA is import to them and as a campus organization. The benefits of SkillsUSA.

How to form a chapter in steps: 1, 2, 3., etc.

Supporting Companies
Impress everyone with this list of companies who support us and who look for SkillsUSA on a students résumé.

Programs and Curricula
The award winning curriculum that your students need to be successful with the "employability skills" that will give them the edge. Academic skills, technical skills and employability skills are all things that students will gain with their membership in SkillsUSA Louisiana.

Information on SkillsUSA

Business and Industry
SkillsUSA has over 1,500 national companies who support you when you become affiliated.

Probably, the capstone event that everyone knows SkillsUSA for is the SkillsUSA Championships. Find out more.