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What does SkillsUSA offer to students?

SkillsUSA offers students much more than a campus – based leadership activity or a chance to enter a competition. SkillsUSA quite literally works to help students become connected to a career path. Partnerships with education mean students have professional staff advisors who are committed to students professional development through leadership activities that help students feel motivated as they become educated. SkillsUSA programs are designed to help students get excited about learning as they develop new skills. Our business and industry alliances help connect students with those already working in students occupation. Involvement in employability skills training such as our Professional Development Program helps students become better skilled and prepared. Completing these programs gives students solid credentials that are respected in the workplace. A quality SkillsUSA chapter creates an atmosphere where all members can feel involved in decisions and events that affect the campus and community.


Student Dues

National: $8
State: $7.50
Total: $15.50

Professional Dues

National: $14
State: $7
Total: $21

Joining SkillsUSA
You can visit the national Web site to download membership rosters and instructions for joining SkillsUSA.

For technical support for electronic registration, call 1-800-355-8422 or e-mail support@skillsusa-register.org.