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Benefits to Louisiana Students

"SkillsUSA has made a difference in the school, the workplace, and the community. The word is network - partnership, and learning to work together. Business people say the main skill that they look for in young people is the ability to work together in teams. SkillsUSA is making this networking take place."

Richard Riley, former U.S. Secretary of Education

  State director, Larry Rabalais

SkillsUSA Louisiana understands that partnerships are mutually beneficial, and that Louisiana SkillsUSA Championships competitors will receive recognition and brand exposure opportunities through the competitions. At the last competition in Louisiana: Shreveport, Louisiana there 600 competitors, 150 experts, 400 observers, and 200 visitors. The Louisiana SkillsUSA Championships competitors name will be in front of business people who are prime candidates to be benefactors of Louisiana SkillsUSA Championships competitors for excellent entry level employees.

The SkillsUSA Louisiana Championships are another way SkillsUSA Louisiana Championships competitors can be associated with the highest standards of competitive excellence held in our state.