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Why join SkillsUSA?

As educational leaders, you know your students look to you for technical training. At the same time, business and industry look to you for a pool of future employees. Across this great county, there is a renewed interest in career and technical education and a focus on new standards for skill training. Your students have a definite edge in the employment marked because they possess a valuable commodity–a skill. Skills are what distinguish your students from the rest of the population and what give them added value. That is why business and industry are so impressed with SkillsUSA. We have the support of more than 1,000 companies and associations at the national level because companies believe technical education programs like yours can help solve this nation's shortage of skilled, trained workers in dozens of different industries.

  State director, Larry Rabalais

Your involvement in SkillsUSA will help students gain employability skills to make them even more valuable. Practice in problem solving, goal setting, teamwork, communications and customer service will help your students get their first job, and then help them advance throughout their careers.

SkillsUSA benefits instructors just as much as students. Your involvement allows you to network with other education professionals and business leaders, to learn directly from industry what skills are required in entry level employees, and to participate with your students in leadership conferences and competitions at the local, stat and national levels. SkillsUSA is an effective classroom management tool that helps day-to-day activities run smoothly. Academic and employability skills standards within our school systems are constantly being updated. By running a well-rounded SkillsUSA program within your classrooms, you can achieve many of these new requirements.

In the coming year, our focus will be on assisting you:

We will be developing new national SkillsUSA programs and services to better serve you, with emphasis on teacher training.

SkillsUSA will put a greater emphasis on supporting state associations so they can support you and your students.
SkillsUSA will continue to build and enhance national business, industry and education partnerships to the benefit of all career and technical education programs.

Academic skills, employability skills and technical skills are the foundation of a rewarding career–no matter what the specific occupation. Within your classrooms, students can acquire these skills. Let's work together in the coming year to help students build the skills that will make America great.

Good luck and have a great year!


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Larry Rabalais